Reality by Jaida age 9

You look down, armor covers your body. A sword is in your hand. You go to fight another land. When you and your army get there, you see a deep crack in the ground. You start war. Someone hits you with a sword on your unarmed arm. You fall into the crack. Splash! You land in water at the bottom of the crack. You start to sink, you start to drown, you pass a whale. You breathe in. It’s the end.

Your eyes open, you look around. You see your toys, your star stickers, and your bed. You look out the window, no war. You look at your arm, no cut. You take a deep breath. It was just a dream. Your arm is still sore. You have pancakes for breakfast.

You go to school. It is odd. You have to read the bathroom signs backwards and the emperor is everywhere you go. The emperor’s daughter goes to your school. For lunch you have a sandwich, it tastes like water. The emperor’s daughter and another boy come with you up the hall. The emperor’s daughter mistakes a bathroom sign. She goes in the boys’ bathroom, screams, and jumps out the window.

After school, you pack your laser gun, pencil, and notepad and you go to the parade. The emperor stands in the middle of a crowd. He looks very big. You wonder if he is a hologram. He steps on three people. They are ok. The emperor’s daughter is on a horse. You go to the bakery and you get a sweet bread. It tastes like a donut. It is a spiral, glazed bread. You get on a bus. You’re running late. You go home and find a curly, golden dog in your neighbor’s yard. You call the dog by its name so you can get it to its owner.

You go inside your house, hear an alarm, and suddenly you are back in your room with your glow in the dark star stickers, your toys and your bed. You look out the window, it’s the middle of the night, you go back to sleep.


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