Summers at Grandpa & Grandma’s

Can I just write a poem

About something beautiful

Not educational or earth shattering

Just a smattering

Of word paint

Watercolor for the soul

Like a sunset or fruit bowl

The sound of nothingness

While looking at the stars

Or the deafening roar of a waterfall

Drowning out the dark


How the soothing sound of crickets chirping

Brings me back to being ten

Sleeping in the basement of my grandparents’ again

Reading endless Reader’s Digest’s “Drama in Real Life”

I just floated away from my complicated life

And was someone else for a while

Loved and valued just for being a child


I used to walk forever under the almond trees

Make my way to the edge of the Tuolumne

I’d walk out to the bridge

And watch the clear water swirl by

And then row in the aluminum boat

And feel strong and light


My grandparents’ stories of the past

Mingled with my dreams for the future

And now I wish I could go there

For one last great adventure


I’m so glad I got to go there with you

Before time buried the memories from view

Reflection sometimes makes rose-colored glasses

And even more as time passes

But that’s ok with me

Give me the almond tree


Come away with me

To the whisper of the river

The echo of the cliffs

The stillness of the blue towering sky

Hot, fragrant grass fields slowly sun-dried

To the old bungalow and it’s storage tower

Beckoning us to rummage hour after hour

To the dredge camp and all its history

Stories shaded in the overgrown trails

Weathered remains of cabins speak veiled

And now that you’ve shared this with me

We’ll keep it alive in our memories


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen says:

    Thanks you so much for sharing this with me, Victoria! It sure brought back some of my own memories. I think you have your great grandmother Eda May Allen’s talent. They told your grandpa she was the best poet to come from Bethany College.


    1. broken word says:

      Thank you! I knew May wrote poems, but I never realized she attended Bethany College and received that kind of praise. Family history ❤


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