Inside Out

The outside is frayed

Worn, faded

Sometimes we see this

As an extension of our inner being

Wearing a smile to counter our appearance

Of less-than

Comparing ourselves to those “above”

And falling short

Because we look on the outside

Can we turn it inside… out?

Spend more time cultivating kindness

Than shininess and spotlessness?

The down and dirty love

From above

Didn’t mind being born in

An animal trough

But I’d rather eat from fine china, thank you



Why do I care about the look of the mug

With which I drink this thing called life?

My mug may be plain

But it contains the same

Sacred gift we’ve each been given

So, I ask again: Why

Does it matter if one drinks

From a gleaming cup and one

From a plain one?


We all get to drink!


And He said clean the inside of the cup

Don’t worry about polishing the outside


He said people look at appearances

But the Important One looks at the heart


A fresh start

I can breathe in this wind

And begin again

Renewed energy

Thankful to be me

Don’t mind the scratches on my knee

Cause eventually

None of our facades will matter

Comparison will scatter

As we gaze upon the One

With true beauty

And today, I want to look upward

And outward, confidently

Being changed from glory to glory


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