You’re Beautiful

You’re beautiful

Yes, you

You who have a screw loose or two

You who have a crooked nose

Or got left out of the who’s who show

You’re beautiful

You are unique

You are chosen


Why do we see ourselves as not enough

As unnoticed

Or unloved

As though we have to reach the top

But from the top is a long way to fall

I’d like to have already crawled

Into His arms, away from the contest

‘cause he’s already won this, he’s got this


You’re beautiful

Loved, it’s true

And the important thing is

By Who

The God of the universe

The Master Planner

The creator of all who sees inside

Who sees to the end

So, why hide

Behind a mask of good intentions

Of outward appearance and social acceptance

You are loved, without pretense

Fully loved to the very end


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