Go…go… go…

If I stop I might

Find out what it means

To really be alive


I might fall into the pit

Of relaxation

And stay forever

On vacation


Better keep it up

Better not slow down

Better always wear a smile

Instead of a frown

And I’m feelin’ like a clown

Busyness bringing me down

But standing around

Makes me guilty

And pensive

I need to catch up

With an ideal that’s defenseless


A Catch-22

There’s a beautiful view

But it’s moving too fast

And I have to run to catch

The fading sunset

Can I just enjoy it yet?

It’s sinking at the speed of the internet


I’m afraid to stop

When everyone’s running

Afraid to stay on the ground

When everyone’s climbing

But the ground is…

Soft, and sweet and calm

I need to stop awhile and sing my song

Count my blessings

Be counted for something

Besides how fast I can run

Stop and think of others

And how they’re getting along

Today I’m gonna be strong

Today it’s ok to be wrong

Today is the only day I have

The only day WE have


So, it’s ok to stop and breathe


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