Ode to Facebook


Look at my life

It’s perfect

Don’t look for the dirt, it’s

Under the carpet

Cause dirt is ugly

And my life is beautiful, meaningful, worthwhile


I’m fighting to be worthy

Of my headlines


Inconvenient reality

I sweep under the rug

Unless it’s provocative, relative

I’ll reap some more “likes”

And feel relevant


Those brave enough to show their real face

Could get shoved under the rug, too

It’s an inconvenient truth

You look too dirty

Too complicated

You’re too much work

I hate to admit it


Real love

Hope you get some from above

Cause I’m so busy

Decorating my life

It makes me dizzy

Do you like the glossy pictures of my recipe?

I’ll share it with you

But don’t make me get my hands dirty


There are people who

All they need

Is a plain piece of bread and some water

A conversation from the heart

Not useless fodder


Give me this day my daily bread

Not adoration from friends on the web

Give me reality, Your truth

The Grace I desperately need to make it through


I need your Book

Not Facebook

I need your approval

Not superficial blemish removal


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