Be. Believe. Beloved.


I just want to be useful

Do a search and I’m one step closer to

What? Knowledge? The Answer?

Tired of stepping towards nothing

Wheels on a rat race

That’s going where?

Do I dare

Step off and stare

At the dark starry universe out there

And dream something bigger than



He died so I could live this life


He lived so I could live free

Believe I don’t have to achieve

Some earthly status that surrounds us,

Stifling the creativity standing in the wings

Is what I hope to be just what they’ve told me to be?

Live free

Not guilty of what I can’t live up to be

Just me

Just me.

Is that ok?

Frailty is what I want to hide

I’m weak inside

I’m supposed to be invincible

Show the world I’m unstoppable

Who’s watching anyways?

I flatter myself if I think it’s about me

Free to just be

And believe

Relieved of the pressure to be stronger

Weaker, so I can fall deeper

In trust of the One above us

Into the strength inherent in His love



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Katie says:

    I love it. Keep it. Feel it. Do it


    1. broken word says:

      Thank you, Katie!


  2. Ginean says:

    Beautiful… I felt your words! So proud of you and being so courageous to share your heartfelt talents with us! Love you!


    1. broken word says:

      Thanks, Ginean! Love you, too!


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